Membersweekend ft. Braga Sprintcup

 A very successful members weekend!

After a year of looking forward, it was time for the 2nd membersweekend of Alcedo!
14 enthusiastic members traveled to Tilburg to stay in a cozy group home and participate in the Braga Sprint Cup.

From Friday evening 8 o’clock they were warmly welcomed by the activity committee, they had good chat about everything and anything.
The next morning they had a good sleep in followed by some morning gymnastics.
Then the real preparations for the Braga Sprint Cup 2017 started, because that was of course what they came for. The skates were sharpened for and they searched online how you really need to skate. After the delicious meal that was prepared, they took the skating equipment and drove towards the Ireen Wüst baan. There they first skated and relaxed. After that it was time for the race, with no less than 14 Alcedians at the start! All categories were well represented. we have managed to get 3 podium spots! In the evening they played games and hung out until the early hours.

In short, a wonderful weekend that you did not want to miss! Fortunately, from today on we can start looking forward to next year!

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