Summer ice

In the early cold and wet hours of sunday the 23rd of September, 4 Alcedians traveled to the high North of the Netherlands. Ready to see what all those hours on the bike, jumps and runs have done for their skills on the (autumn)summer ice. Are we going to do those 500 metres, finally, in 39 secondes? 😉

When we arrived at the Elfstedenhal in Leeuwarden, the rest of the skaters were still overthinking the night before in bed, perhaps with a headache or more? This however, didn’t stop the Alcedians to start flying on the ice. Although, we were more like Bambi on ice the first few laps…

A couple of laps later, some applepie and an ice preparation later, we were doing much better! Potential is there, it’s going to bring us the unknown… Let’s get started withunnamed (7) 64c142d4-90e9-447e-9583-82f90b81431b f3f98b59-83c2-40fb-bbf5-0f5898937486 74486492-660f-41c3-a84c-04764d3a6827 the season!