Members weekend 2022

Last weekend we traveled to eastward for our annual members weekend and the NSK Sprint. For 3 days we made Enschede a bit more interesting again with our Rotterdam shenanigans. Where lowered our living standards in the cabins at the University of Twente camping site, but we were able to finish the night off good. The activities committee had put together a flawless schedule, so we didn’t get bored during the weekend. On Saturday, the Dutch Student Championship Sprint was underlined in red in our agenda, because there was no change we were going to miss that. Some people still needed perseverance after a tough Friday evening, but a large group of Alcedians were ready for the start. Even though for some it was the first time they raced in a skating competition, the fanaticism was evident in everyone. A handful of Alcedians struggled to stay on their skates during the race, but PRs were set or improved nonetheless. We enjoyed skeuvel as a host during our members weekend and are already looking forward to next year!