Sign up land training

On this page you can register for the upcoming land training. To ensure that we can adhere to all measures, we will be training in two groups with a maximum of 10 participants, including trainers. In order of the time of registration, people will or will not be welcome at the upcoming training, at the day of the training you will be told if you were too late to register. If you do not hear anything, you can participate in the training.
Registration for the training is possible from Monday to Wednesday at 17:00. If you have not registered for the training, unfortunately you cannot participate.
Furthermore, it is extremely important that everyone will adhere to the corona protocol during the training. If this does not work, we are forced to stop the training early!

Klik hier om het coronaprotocol te bekijken.
Click here to view the corona protocol in English.

ESSV Alcedo gebruikt de ingevulde gegevens alleen om het aanbieden van trainingen tijdens de coronacrisis mogelijk te maken en niet voor andere doeleinden. Na afloop van deze trainingen zullen alle gegevens verwijderd worden.
ESSV Alcedo uses the entered data only to organise training sessions during the corona crisis and not for other purposes. All data will be deleted after these training sessions.