Become a Member?

Becoming a member of E.S.S.V. Alcedo is very easy. By filling out the form, you are directly a member of the student ice skating association of Rotterdam. In order to confirm your registration you have to hand in your authorization with the secretary or any other person of the board. Filling out the form and handing in the authorization can be done at the training.

For questions you can always contact us via

Being a member at E.S.S.V. Alcedo cost €35 per season. Alongside that, you have to be the owner of an Erasmus sportcard. You can purchase this card at Erasmussport or you can purchase the special Alcedo-card, which costs €25.

With this membership, you can come to the practices twice a week in the winter at the rink, and once a week in the summer at the Kralinse Bos. Alongside that, the membership allows you to come to all the drinks and events. Apart from this membership however, is the price for the entrance of the ice rink. At the rink, you can purchase a ‘ten-rides’ card for €40,-. However, prices of the entrance can change every year. Once the new prices for season 2016-2017 are known, it will be communicated on this page.