Rotterdam (December to February)

We start at 18.00h. with a warming up. At 18.30h we will iceskate until 19.45 p.m.

We start at 20.00h with a warming up. At 20.30 we enter the ice and we’ll skate until 21.45h.

On both days there is a trainer for the novice skaters, and advanced skaters. The ‘super advanced’ skaters have a schedule to train with and they can join the advanced skaters with their training for tips and tricks.

There is on Sunday from 09.00 until 10:00 “norenuur”, at this hour there is no official training but you can always go for an extra training with a group of Alcedians.

The Hague (October, November and March)

On monday we have dryland practise in Rotterdam. At 19.00 we start this training at the same location as in summertimes. If it is raining, we train in the parking garage from the Erasmus University. This will always be communicated in the Whatsapp group on beforehand.

From 20.00 we will skate until 22:00 in The Hague.

Prior to the training, we will discuss how we can travel together in different cars to get everyone to the icerink in The Hague. This hour, there isn’t a trainer available but we help each other.

What do we do during the training?

Starting iceskaters can learn the principles of skating in group lessons during these hours. In a small group, they will learn the basics of ice skating. In addition to a beginners group, there is always an experienced group of skaters. Even as practiced skaters, you can train with alcedo to work on your technique and fitness.

Convenient to take with you

In order to participate in the lessons, it is useful if you have noren. Gloves are also mandatory and a hat is recommended. You are already wearing clothes with a training jersey and a warm sweater. Of course you can also look at Alcedo’s association clothing. For information regarding the cost of membership at Alcedo, we will gladly send you to this page.



The address of the ice-skating rink is “Toepad 95, 3063 NJ Rotterdam”.
It is located on the hockeyfields of R.H.V. Leonidas (see picture below).
Make sure to be at the rink a while in advance because there can be quite a line for entrance. Especially if you are renting skates you might want to take some more time.schaatsbaanrotterdam