In order to start the winter season fit and ready, it is important to prepare yourself for the iceskating season by attending our summer practices!

On Mondays we have a landtraining that starts at the campus of Erasmus University. We start at 19.00 and it is possible for sporters of every level to join. This is an easy way to stay fit during the summer, so do not hesistate and sign up! During these practices we focus on technique, endurance and core-stability.

On Wednesday we have a cycle training together, that starts at 18:30. The average speed is 27 km an hour, and we cycle for aproximately 2,5 hours. You do need your own bike for this training. We stick together during this training and nobody will be left behind. It is possible to do some sprints during the training, but that is not mandatory.

On Thursday we have an inline-skate training that takes place at inline-skate rink in AHOY, next to Rotterdam Airport from 20:15 till 21:30. A helmet is mandatory during this training. We cycle together to the practice.

On Saturdays in the weeks with an even number we also have a long ride. This is ride starts at 10.00 and is aproximatly 80-100 km, also with an average speed of 27 km an hour.

As a member of Alcedo you can choose which training you want to join, and how often you want to join. After the training we ofter go with members to have a small drink somewhere, which is not mandatory but highly encouraged!